Packaging is the Science and Art of enclosing products before delivering and is a fundamental aspect for any manufacturer and Distributor of a product.🎁

Some of the more common packaging products include boxes, cartons, bottles, wrappers and containers.
💝The primary purpose of packaging and wrapping is of course the safety and protection of items from any damage that could happen during handling and transport.
💝But it also counts as integral to the product Branding and Marketing. A unique packaging can increase the product attractiveness and the desire to purchase a product. A well wrapped package stands out from the shelf or website and enhances sale. 

At we give as much significance to #wrapping and #packaging of as we do to our products! All our products are wrapped and packaged in beautiful boxes, designed keeping in mind the story behind our brand.🎁💝🌈
The colorful culture and the grand heritage of our country is something we are immensely proud of. Both our products and our packaging is an #ode to the #craftsmanship pf our rural artisans as also the glorious #culturalheritage🎉🌟

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