About Vai


A message from Vai himself!


I am so thrilled to welcome you to OMVAI, the world of OMVAI !!!

A little about me, I am an engineer, entrepreneur and motivational speaker originally from India, who happens to be Deaf!

Because of my love for fashion, design and artistic creativity, combined with a strong desire to create a place for underrepresented artists to offer their exquisite, authentic and unique hand-crafted products to you, OMVAI is created as a global, organic and sustainable lifestyle resources that deals with only the most authentic and unique hand-crafted products.

In my free time, I love photography, am a food lover and a globetrotter. I adore traveling to exciting destinations. I especially enjoy meeting new people and checking out unique restaurants.

Have you heard of The OMVAI Talk Show on YouTube? I created and host this site because I love interviewing all different kinds of people I meet on my path and sharing their journeys with you.

Along the way, I have earned three degrees: a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering with the Rochester Institute of Technology in New York; a Master of Science in Technological Entrepreneurship with Northeastern University in Boston; and an MBA with Denver University in Colorado. I founded OM International LLC in 2010, as an investment firm for real estate and start up companies i.e. SquareYards, GunClear and others in the United States.

I want to thank you deeply from the bottom of my heart for visiting our site and I am excited to be inviting you to join OMVAI's journey along with us!

With gratitude, Vai.