Let us revisit the #core ideologies on which OMVAI.com was founded.

All organizations and business houses, around the world, are a result of the passion and faith of one or more people. Be it a recent start-up or an established corporate, they all owe their existence to people who had optimism and intense conviction in their beliefs and wanted to give a physical shape to it. They believed that Unicorns exist, and so they found them!🦄🦄🦄🦄
Omvai.com is one Unicorn founded by a person who deeply understood the real challenges of people with disabilities and wanted to create a store where talented, still underrepresented sections of society like the Deaf, Hard of hearing, LGBTQ, and other differently abled individuals were given opportunities to use their skills.
Omvai.com was started with the explicit intention of providing the most authentic, artistic, and handmade fashion and lifestyle products to people seeking unique creations.

✨Our aim is to source exclusive products directly from Rural artisans and craftsmen and create a trustworthy, empowering, and all-inclusive place.

✨We want our enterprise to contribute to society and our mission is to build a community that welcomes Diversity, respects individuality, and values freedom of expression.

To know more about our journey and to explore the #authenticity,

Please visit -        www.omvai.com                                                                                 www.omvai.in
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