The OMVAI logo is one of the first things to capture our attention every time we log on to the website. Like many of you, I was absolutely fascinated with the logo and wanted to know the story and creation process behind it.

This gave me an opportunity to interact with the creative mind behind the logo,

Alice Lo! 

Alice Lo and I spoke about her thinking process and what she was aiming for while designing the logo. And, for your information, Alice Lo is a Deaf graphic designer based in Toronto, Canada. 

~ Could you tell me a bit about yourself?

Alice: I was born in Indonesia and raised in Toronto. I grew up surrounded by art and photography. I graduated from Rochester Institute of Technology with a Bachelor in Visual Media, with a focus in photography.

I am privileged to have an intuitive eye for colors, tones, textures, and shapes. I am attuned to various environments and situations and like to express my sense through my work.

~ What led you to collaborate with OMVAI?

Alice: Vai (the founder) reached out to me to help him develop a logo that would represent “OMVAI” and all that it stands for. Vai and I were students together, hence, are friends and were a part of few student organizations at Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, NY. 

~ What was the creative process behind the OMVAI logo?

Alice: Vai shared his mission of using the logo specifically for his blog dedicated to his life inspirations, travels, Deaf cultures, and experiences. But, he also wanted the logo to be the brand name for his business in the future, this was three years before OMVAI was founded!

I reflected on his personality as well as his vision and mission to be able to find the right font type that will embody the same.

To find the best font, I researched various types of different styles of handwritings but none of them reflected his personality, vision and mission. So, I asked Vai to write the word “OMVAI” with a sharpie marker and send it across to me.

That was it! His handwriting was perfect. It showed his personality come to life on a piece of paper.

I decided to play around with his handwriting to find one that would stand out, reflect and encompass the entire essence of OMVAI. After tweaking and adjusting the handwriting along with adding the gradient colors, the brand logo was alive!

The final product is what you see on the website today!

Q: What does the logo represent to you and to those who view it?

Alice: For both me and the viewers, I would like to think that the OMVAI logo represents Vai's colorful passion to make his dream come true. From my experience working with him, he has a very positive characteristic. He is always trying to inspire the Deaf community to tackle issues faced head on by fighting for their rights and trying to lift them up to be recognized for their skills.

We would like to thank Alice Lo for her creative vision that has helped Vai bring OMVAI to life for all of us involved with this brand. The same life that can be found within all our products across the website.

Written by Shanice Fernandes.