A centuries-old reputation of being simply the best, and considered so all over the world, is what makes the #Kashmiri #pashmina #shawl an enshrined treasure. From the local Mughal rulers to Emperors and Empresses in the far West, Kashmiri Pashmina shawls were considered a status symbol. And everyone wanted at least one for a lavish fashion statement. Even women with no knowledge of its acquisition and making, wanted shawls that would be the best of all.🥰😍

It's not just the way Pashmina looks and feels, but there are a thousand reasons why Pashmina is a winter wardrobe essential. 🌺Pashmina has perfect insulation properties which prevent cold to touch your skin, as well as trap heat inside. As such, Pashmina shawls and scarves are ideal for the sudden temperature drops, as well as the full-fledged winter season
🌺As far as being #stylish goes, Pashmina shawl and scarves will never disappoint.
🌺If taken proper care of, a Pashmina shawl will last for ages. And in this sense they are #timeless .
🌺Pashminas are perhaps the most versatile wrap accessories when it comes to winter #fashion
🌺The yarn of Cashmere is just 12 to 16 microns in diameter. And a complete Pashmina shawl of 100*200 cm is just around 400 grams. This makes Pashmina exceptionally #lightweight , hence easy to carry.
🌺Since Pashmina is a natural #insulator , it can be worn almost all year round..
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